Our Thoughts

More than 20 years ago, the expression “globalization” was coined, being known as a technological process woven into the social fabric, creating connectivity and acquiring “biological sensitivity”. According to Newton’s Law of Action x Reaction, institutions’ behavior and attitudes will be judged in real time.

In turn, companies become live organisms, with sensitivity and capacity to adapt and respond in real time as if they were individuals. And so they are assessed as individuals according to all of their actions.

According to  contemporary marketing, the social, cultural, environmental and sports sponsorships and investments are to companies what attitudes are to individuals, that is,  a concrete means of expression. Therefore, the belief is that a company’s actions reflect directly in the globalization concept, as all will be watched, assessed, judged and acknowledged according to their accomplishments.

In sum, globalization is consistent with people’s growing awareness and, accordingly, of the companies’ as well. The latter, on their turn, must meet the consumers’ and society’s interests, with a positive residual effect. Therefore, acting before communicating becomes imperative.