About our company

The Company

Atitude Brasil is a company specialized in social, cultural and environmental communication. It also works in the development of programs and projects to promote the dialog needed to integrate theses areas: culture – society – environment.

We seek partnership solutions in resource articulation and funding, offering to our clients a set of experiences that can create a relationship with their different audiences. The way we do this is by adding value to their brands, tying their image to practical sustainable development projects.

Our clients brands and trademarks are associated with sustainability-related themes:

  • Increasing consumer reliance towards the products;
  • Improving the company’s reputation, integrating society x community;
  • So that consumers identify themselves with them (values)

Among our main projects, we can point out:

Biographies Published:

Elis Regina – Furacão Elis (The Hurricane Elis)

Luiz Gonzaga, (Gonzagão e Gonzaguinha);

Researches Published :

Lei Rouanet – História da Lei Rouanet (Rouanet Law – The story of the Rouanet Law)

Photography Works Published :

Photograpy: Comunicar para Não Esquecer (Communicating so as not to Forget)


International Photography Festival – Paraty em Foco (Paraty under Focus)

International Communication and Sustainability Forum

Programs Developed :

Social Business “A Rede” (The Network) in partnership with several communities and community leaders

Social Business  in partnership with Grameen Trust, founded by Prof. Muhammed Yunus