Belo Horizonte - May, 2011

IV International Communication and Sustainability Forum

The goal of the forum is to promote debate between the public and private sectors and civil society on the educational and social role of communication for a better understanding of the concept of sustainability, based on the principles set out in the Earth Charter.
The fourth edition, to be held in Belo Horizonte, will address themes such as:
The Decade of Education for Sustainable Development – emphasizing the central role of education in the common search for sustainable development – UN/UNESCO
A historical summary of the literature dealing with the themes of peace culture and the democracy of the right to education and information, so that individuals can express their thoughts in the cultural and political arenas, thereby promoting social transformation.
Social business as a means of inclusion for underprivileged sectors of society;
Brazil’s social and environmental responsibility in relation to solid waste;
The importance of the collective consciousness in the promotion of sustainable development
Social networks as a tool for the new communication models
The importance of new technologies for sustainable development