Limpa Brasil Let’S Do It!

The intention of the Limpa Brasil Let’s do it! Movement is to gather efforts from all sectors of society in order to change the reality of illegal trash disposal and environmental neglect. The initiative’s purpose is to invite people who live in the largest Brazilian cities to take part in a global waste removing movement. Through intense educational campaign and city clean-ups, the project intends to take a big step for environmental preservation and raise of society’s compromise with correct trash management in Brazil. Education and preservation of the environment and common goods are connected to that issue.

The successful international experience will start in the first week of June – during the global celebration of the Environment Week. 14 cities – all of them with more than 1 million inhabitants – will take part in the movement. Focused on education, the proposal is to gather people to help cleaning and to keep Brazilian cities free of trash. The movement will last for 10 years to guarantee an effective change in people’s attitudes.

We need to start acting immediately, because the necessary actions become more complex, hard and expensive every day. Take part in this movement! For further information, visit